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IGW Women's RTC Program

Become an RTC Host

IGW has submitted a proposal such that our women's RTC program be recognized as an official ISWA program. In the meantime, we are moving forward and organizing it for the benefit of our wrestling community. We anticipate little change if we transition it to ISWA governance and hope for increased exposure as a result.

Currently, we are seeking sites to self-nominate a time and day of the week that they would be willing to offer a practice. RTCs should be persistent and consistent; being present and active, especially with initial low anticipated turnouts, is the best way to aim for long-term success.

RTC Requirements:


1. Sites must maintain clean and safe practice facilities consistent with best practices of sport standards;

2. All coaching personnel must be current USAW member coaches who have completed their Safe Sport requirements;

3. Practices must be open to all female USAW members, and should be restricted to female participants generally;

4. Practices must be open for parental observation;

5. A roster of participants (including at least name and USAW ID) must be maintained for each practice and made available to the RTC Director upon request;

6. RTCs must be offered free of charge;

7. Non-USAW members may be allowed at site's discretion; participants should be encouraged to become USAW members for the insurance provided, the informational benefits, and ultimately to encourage competitive participation;

8. A practice length should be a minimum of 1.5-2 hours and consist of a mix of warm-up, technique, strategy and conditioning (see below).

9. Sites should bear in mind that many participants will be under-experienced in both training and competition, with education in both of these critical to the growth and success of our participants;

10. Sites are encouraged to promote additional local training for RTC participants;


11. Practices should feature adequate warm-up to prevent injury and optimize learning;

12. Instructors should be aware of size and experience differences among their wrestlers and drill consistent with best practices of sport;

13. Technique should emphasize Freestyle positional requirements when possible;

14. Freestyle should be taught during spring and summer instruction, Folkstyle during autumn and winter;

15. Sites will need to be aware of the general instructional needs and mix of experience at any given practice and adjust instruction accordingly;

16. Curriculum suggestions can be requested from or made to;

17. Keep participants aware of upcoming competition opportunities;

18. Please make sure that every girl leaves safely and feeling welcomed to the next practice!

Please contact if you are interested in hosting an RTC

IGW Women's Training rooms and RTC's

Weekday Time Club Location Contact Directions ROOM TYPE
Fridays 6:00-8:00 pm Indiana Girls Wrestling 4485 S. Victory Dr. New Palestine, In. 46163 Jason DeLois (317)201-8700 Go to fieldhouse doors in back of school down hallway through double doors right to wrestling room. ALL GIRLS (RTC) FREE
Mondays 5:30-7 pm Krieb's Club (CENTRAL/EAST) 1 Arabian Dr. Pendleton, In. 46064 Katie Kriebel (719)659-9668 ALL GIRLS (RTC) $10 drop-in

RTC Notices


Indiana Girls Wrestling  

4506 W. Easy Street

New Palestine, IN 46163

v/t: 317-201-8700