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Viper Pit Nationals K-12 Duals and Open

Wesbanco Arena
Wheeling, West Virginia
13-14 April 2019

IGW invites all Indiana girls who wish to compete in this year’s Viper Pit Nationals K-12 Duals and Open to register and travel with the IGNITES to this year's event in West Virginia. The IGNITES will be fielding a combined-ages FREESTYLE duals team for the Duals tournament, to be held Saturday. Individual IGNITES will then compete in the Open tournament on Sunday (which is FOLKSTYLE). These events are separate tournaments. For those wishing to participate on the IGNITES Duals team, we are currently taking sign-ups and a deposit for the weight class in which you wish to compete. Regardless of Duals tournament participation, all are able to wrestle in the Open. This tournament is famous for its champion gear and placement awards. The Duals will award sublimated gear bags to the team champions and the Open will award custom two-piece doublet to individual champions.

We are asking those who wish to compete in the Open to complete there own registration as this tournament uses an unusual platform for registration in which each wrestler must create an account (

Duals Tournament Combined-Ages:
K-12 Weights: 46, 52, 58, 63, 68, 73, 78, 83, 88, 93, 98, 103, 108, 116, 122, 130, 140, 155, 180, 210 lbs

Open Tournament: (tentative)
K-5 weights: 41, 46, 52, 58, 63, 68, 73, 78, 83, 88, 103,  122 lbs
6-8 weights: 63, 68, 73, 78, 83, 88, 93, 98, 103, 108, 116, 130, 155 lbs
HS weights: 98, 103, 108, 116, 122, 130, 140, 155, 180, 210 lbs

Register for the Viper Pit 2019 Open

Use this link to register your wrestler for the Open (not the Duals)

Viper Pit 2019


IGNITES Gear Information

Viper Pit Nationals K-12 Duals and Open Website

Use this link for general information about the event

Travel Arrangements

The IGNITES will be traveling in passenger vans to this event from Indianapolis. We will depart Friday, 13 April 2018, late morning and arrive back late Sunday, 15 April 2018. Cost per person riding with the team will be $65.

Hotel Accomodations

The IGNITES have booked a block of rooms with Comfort Suites, 675 Fort Henry Rd, Triadelphia, WV 26059 (t: 304-547-0610), near the venue. We will sleep 4 girls per room at a cost of $75 per girl (or chaperone) for those traveling with the team. The rooms are approximately $135 per night and anyone who wishes can reserve a room at that rate for their (or their group's) exclusive use-please let Coach Fauber know so we can make sure we have sufficient rooms allocated upon arrival.

Complete the Viper Pit Travel Registration

IF you plan to travel with the team and/or sleep with the team, please fill out the the Travel Registration.

IF you plan to drive separately and/or exclusively use a hotel room, please make those arrangements yourself by contacting the hotel directly (left) and using one of our blocked rooms. Please then contact us to let us know you have done so (email Coach Fauber).