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INFERNO Folkstyle Team Gear

Rudis Folkstyle Bundle

The INFERNO 2022-23 Team Gear Package is ordered periodically by IGW. The package cost is $224.00 if ordered individually, but is available at a reduced bundle rate as part of an IGW team order. Our next order is due by August 19. All orders that come in after this date will go on our next order (date TBD). Current orders will be distributed at the USA Girls Midwest Nationals Tournament.

The 2022-23 (Folkstyle) Team Gear Package includes: 

Bundle (All women's cut and fit) Singlet, 1/4 Zip and shorts ($125)


  • Singlet ($84)
  • 1/4 Zip ($84)
  • Shorts ($56)
  • Tee ($26)
  • Longsleeve Tee ($34)
  • Sweatshirt ($68)
  • Hat ($28)

The Registration "Gear" is not currently available.


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